This Mixtape's A Disgrace

by Rebel Without A Coat

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A collection of bits and bobs from over the last three years or so of Rebel Without a Coat, dating back to when she was still performing under the stage name "Northern Poetry". It starts with four exclusive shiny new songs and ends with her live featured set at Out of The Bedroom at the Montague during the Edinburgh Fringe 2012, whilst still called Northern Poetry.


released November 20, 2013

Performed/sequenced/sampled and produced by Rebel Without a Coat except:

Minding My Own Business:
Produced by Phill Ward
Rebel Without a Coat does vocals, percussion and keys
Phill Ward does guitar, bass, beatbox and percussion

Mind Under Matter:
Produced by Rebel Without a Coat
Rebel Without a Coat does vocals
Mike Ward does guitar

Music and lyrics by Rebel Without a Coat



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Rebel Without A Coat Manchester, UK

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Track Name: This Mixtape's A Disgrace
Welcome to the mind of Rebel Without a Coat
I'd like to say I rebel with every note, but I hate to say you'd probably pick out a few quotes
That disprove this theory and lose you my vote
Maybe you'll choke the dishonesty provoked by my throat
I mean to start with, I sometimes wear a coat
I have all these big ideas and radical views
But I have to admit, sometimes I'm just confused

This mixtape's a disgrace to sick hateful apes and wastes of space
Yes, we spit licks in ship-shape, me myself and I and I no longer in a split state

Wait, why've I made my shit fake?
I say I never like to speak of people with distaste
In which case the chorus is a kind of mistake
Talkin of people with awful deceitful ways and their piss-takes
Like it takes a genius to sift through the shipmates
And dictate that they sit straight on the bottom of the pile
They've probably gotta be rotten and vile
I'll be the judge of that, I say with a smile
I just rile myself up, I'm well fucked up
On the stealth of an unhealthily wealthy belt of intellect
That's intersected by a sense of self respect
That in effect just tests as
Narcissistic. Why you playin with this shit?
With over-insistent pricks nickin your biscuit
Don't risk it, I'll make you look a mean little misfit
As if it's Christmas and my fist is on your wishlist
And if there's an inquisition into why I dismiss
The way I spit, hiss such vicious business
Disinterest will flicker across my face
I'll skip and I'll hop to another place and I'll run away like a disgrace

Now, I just spent the first verse
Complainin of the curse of babblin batty fanatical blurb
That contradicts my words, kicks my conscience to the curb
Counteracts my compassion for the fashion of blastin
This assonance up your ass whether or not you were askin -
Unpractical spastics take the most drastic of action -
And blast into fractions all their adds and subtractions
As they're dragged from their task by these fantastic distractions
And now I look back at my fanatical refrain
How matter of fact I act and how I catapult my claim
Into your brain, bringin the pain - I mean the flame, never the shame!
My spirit, you dig it, is with it, its visions and livin are one and the same
This isn't a prison of stitchin incisions up, which have arisen from such indecision and inner divisions from swimmin in 'isms
You Cynical Sybil, I must have been given the wisdom and mental precision to know that derision is not cool
Yeah right, keep actin like a fool

This whole track's a piss-take of all the times I sounded like I never made a mistake
Track Name: Just A Ride
I go slow cause I don't fear capture
I don't know if I'll live ever after
My poems flow through my blue throat chakra
Move like the wind, blow those blue notes at ya
Beats so mean, call me cruel like Thatcher
But I'm here to rejuvinate ya, not sap ya
We be spreadin love, we be writin the next chapter
The second comin of Christ is not the rapture
But the moment that consciousness slaps ya
In the face like a wet fish, full splash, yeah
The world as you know it will be gone in a flash, faster
Than actors can learn lines for plays the day after
The last of the laughter will blast through the rafters
Catch you unaware like an undercover attacker
Blacker, whiter than the purest yin-yang
Too proud to be covered in orange skin tan
This war is sin and your pores'll win, man
Stop pouring your thoughts into smaller boring tin cans
Stop boring into gorges, forcing in your wingspan
Stop burning through resources like the bottom of thin pans
Listen to the voice within, make a choice
To hoist yourself up beyond the boisterous din
I'm poised to win to riches of the noiseless kingdom
Come with me one and all, and rejoice and sing, and

Never deny yourself the chance to fly
As high as you wanna fly til the day you die
Never deny what you feel inside, and motherfucker,
Never forget that's just a ride

You say I sin by not goin to church on Sunday
I say you sin by goin into work on Monday
If you work for jerks who don't deserve just one day
Of your time, say "you're all mine" and underpay
If work days are not fun then you should run away
If life's a fight, you should put your gun away
When it gets too much, take the day off
Sit back and sign your life away to chaos
And I'm not sayin you should sit there decayin
Like a slipknot that couldn't even kill, just frayin
You should work your way into your world like a worm
That doesn't deserve to squirm, find the earth that is firm
And burst from your urn like a phoenix
Discover your raw passion like you never seen it
Shit's about to go down like you never dreamed it
Fightin for a cause is so easy when you mean it
Track Name: The Testament
Hello. This is your conscience knocking on your head
Now it's been a while
You've probably forgotten who I am
Remember, I was there when you last asked, when you last were lost
I was there at the beginning of time when you created me
I was there whether you loved or hated me
I was there to show you the way to be
And I was there when you reincarnated me
And when you lay in limbo I lay patiently
And when you turned away from me I sat gracefully
And I was there when you came back chasing me
And I'm a bit bored of telling you what to do
It's about time to do what I got to do, give you a proper a clue
This is not the new testament or old, this just the truth
This is the conscience of all living creatures channelled through Rebel Without a Coat
So listen bitch
Goes a little like this
No ship ever sailed ya to where ya needed to be
No spliff ever failed you when you weren't feeling the weed
Your needing to breathe is leading you to proceed
It's you that builds the cells, and it's you that they breed
So if you don't take heed of the human you lead down these
dark paths then you're not assuming the lead
Role in this play, the soul who will be freed,
you know that your ignorance is doomin indeed
even so you let it grow then you stupidly plead
For events to happen other than these
But when you're blasphemin your demons are freed
Upon flesh, thought, bone and semen they feed
You scream and you bleed, too weak at the knees
To stand up and see that the creator is thee
It was not an entity separate from the centipede
Separate from the serpent or the monkey or the manatee
Separate from the Vikings, separate from divine kings
Separate from the Greek Gods or those who they were smiting
Separate from the Beatles or the New Kids on the Block
Separate from the soldiers on the strip getting shot
Separate from the insects, separate from the rocks
Separate from the sun and rain, separate from the crops
Who parted the red sea (it was you and me)
Who let my people set free (it was you and me)
Who filled the land with locusts (it was you and me)
Who will stop choking us (you and me) Who will destroy the governments, the shackles, the borders, the laws, the anger, the sadness, the boredom, the wars
So I need to clarify a few things before we move on
It takes a little magic to switch a groove on
The magic is the life that flows left to right through your
vital organs, more than just an ordinary current,
motherfucker this be chi
The energy of which I'm made up, this be me
Only I can truly create a shift in me
Only the power of life within will be liftin me
I'm fit to be what I see fit for me
That's why I spit with ease, and if you rip these trees
Down to the ground break open the pods and split the peas
If you look within, you will quickly see
Yourself staring back at me, that's you, see
So open your heart to the beauty
Let positivity grow like a fruit tree
Dig up your weeds and let it flow through, freely
Track Name: The Question Is...
Make way for the evolution of consciousness
Which haunts the best of the pawns in this chess game
The wrong can't rest in its satanic nest
To give the planet the best expectations
To do no more, no less, than to complete its quest
Exorcism will put the devil under cardiac arrest
We are eternally blessed with the ability to confess
That which has not yet been addressed
As our hearts and minds are put to the test
We are the only ones who can undo this mess
In the laws of nature the rules are set
The proof is in you, the proof is sayin yes

I was born free, I will die free
The question is, am I gonna live free?
Yes I was born free, I will die free
The question is, am I gonna live free?

Now the structures will fall, destruction of all
Interruptions to the call from the goodness of all
The rust on the walls, the dust in the vaults
Which disgustingly holds all your money so cold
The governments, the banks and the troops and the ranks
Corporations put in place to make you pay your duty stamp
Mythical nations and their states will be replaced by communities
Who truly be brothers and sisters in unity
And ruling class will be bypassed by the fact
That we know we no longer need to live like that
Our minds will be unshackled
Your life will be unsettled
But have no fear, you need do nothing
Have no fear, the bullshit is already stopping

I am not a national insurance number,
Nor a signature on a piece of paper, I am not your property
I have not got to be properly compliantly abidin by the laws of society
Silently sittin back with the police violently, passively-agressively effectively defilin me
Courts trialin me for smilin sweet instead of answerin questions
I'm sorry, I was just establishin connections
Cause officer, officer, you know you're a slave too
Brainwashed to become a brute just because you're paid to
And for this reason I don't blame you, but I came to do
What I had to do, show you real you
You are a magical energetic field
Physically manifested as a skin and bone shield
You're gifted by your logic but your logic can't feel
Peel away the illusion and you will heal
So burn your fuckin birth certificate
Burn the notion that you're just a worthless idiot
Burn the piece of shit they made you think you were
Burn the propaganda that you think you heard
Burn the money they made you think the planet's worth
And who's they? The satanic scourge
That lives inside every one of us, but can easily be removed
All we need to do is shine the light upon it that radiates from the truth
Track Name: Parental Advisory
Mikupa muda, mikupa funky Buddha
The truth sounds rude so I sound ruder
Censorship's meant to split what they slip to the public
From the pure passion that I rightfully would spit
Through your speakers, if you tweak a word that I say
You fuck me over cause they never heard what I say
Freedom of speech to preach weeks' worth of wisdom
Months and years, blood and tears that I give them
I drip with the hip hop, quick, take a pit stop
Keep the flow slow when I'm rollin in these flip-flops
And no I did not stop for the kids not to clock
That I like to use dirty words a lot
Thirty herds o' cock-suckin jocks couldn't block me
I'd thank ya to play my material properly
I'm deep, explicit when I spit it from the booth
Parental advisory, may contain the truth

So don't you clean my
Dirty dirty beats, dirty dirty beats
Dirty dirty beats, dirty dirty don't you clean my
Dirty dirty beats, dirty dirty beats
Dirty like the bottom of my bare naked feet

I'm speakin of keepin the peace for all that are fortunate
Enough to breathe sweet air - War? I be sortin that
The state has stolen our personalities, I be reportin that
Back to my ndugus in a flash like a quarterback
We need to eat, now you think I hadn't thought o' that?
Self-sufficiency, the mission be the sordid lack of land
Which is named by no man
Switch the blame to the picture frame in your hand
The same picture which made ya slave to the brand
And cave to culture of workin for the man
They slam slam you into the iron maiden
I play the fool, like a mule I am laiden
Well, I won't take this shit no more, mother Britain
I will travel to anywhere that I can fit in
Or pass through, flickerin and flittin
The point is I'm standin, motherfucker, not sittin

Third verse, this is worst first for the jerks
Who think I talk too much just because I hurt their
Ears with my bassline over and over
I'll rap my way from John O' Groats to Dover
If that's what it takes to escape all o' the rat race
I hold it at that pace so that I'm not flat on my face
When you find me at the finish line, bindin all my rhymes
Into a little ball, little more than a brittle scrawl
I can already feel it fallin apart
The sea salt stingin but rewardin my heart
I'm breathin all heavily, I'll never be Emily
Untethered from my memory, I'll only be energy
What goes down I know must come up
I'm goin down beneath the ground, wish me luck
If you don't see me for a couple of years I've passed on
Usiku mwema, I'm gone
Track Name: Minding My Own Business
Everywhere I go
Someone got somethin to say
I just wanna be on my way now
Me, myself and I beside the sunset coloured sea
Minding my own business
And all you people cannot give me what I need
Cause what I need is to believe that
Everywhere I go
Someone got my back
Even if it don't look like it
Just to know that solitude is not such a bad thing
Even if it hurts at first
To break through your cloud of woe,
You must go to the places that you know you fear

What you know
From the days you were a child
Is not all gold
So don't take it all to be right
I will learn afresh
And I will clean up my mess

And I won't give up

All through your life
You've been taught to be anything but your whole self
Perfect people walk along a tightrope that is thin
Relying on their safety nets
Before you get back up
Trust me, you'll be happy and perfectly free
Down here on the ground
Vibrating with the sound
Of real things and people
Comin out of your comfort zone will give you the space to dance
Come and join the carnival
Too break through your shell
You must be the first
To dive into your universe, my dear
What you know

Your thoughts are gold
But don't take any of them to be right
Track Name: Threnodies
I make threnodies, I make music my centrepiece
I'm tired of rappin about my broken identities
I went to see Hebridean sea in all its majesty
Finally I breathed and I began to see
It doesn't really matter what they do about me
Most mothers don't have a clue about me
But that doesn't mean that I dwell in secrecy
It's just that I find my psyche smellin frequently
Of the bullshit that makes a woman what she wants to be
And I can't find the words to describe that certain she
I certainly don't want to be permantly
Regurgitatin words that don't mean anythin to me
Just because I think my hip hop is mean
Just because I think that I'm so fresh and so clean
Profound is the sound of my brain spinnin round on its axis
Labour can't tax this
Cause it doesn't belong to anyone so I can max this
I can turn it into a man of the match hat-trick
One, two, three, get up
Get down so the funky sound won't let up
Drink a vat of beer if you wanna fuck your head up
Come on children, dance til you're thoroughly fed up

One, two, three, four
I make threnodies for the victims of the worst wars
That's right, it's a noble cause

I make question marks, not disrespectful remarks
I'm inclined to find a back door into the charts
The underground ones represented by the people's hearts
If you arrest, I'll do my best to jump-start
Society sometimes goes stale, skin pale
Rigor mortis, I report this, don't abort this mission or we'll fail
Do you want the next chapter to be where X Factor prevails?
I hear music scream and wail
No, no, don't let Simon's ship set sail!
Fuck it, he can do whatever he wants
I never set out to step on anybody's toes, but it haunts me
To think that we could sink as a country to the low
Where Britain's Got Talent is all we got to show
Don't get me wrong, there'll always be a song
For the lost and the lonely and the don't belong
There'll always be a fever and a fever receiver
There'll always be a Jesus and a fervent believer
But there'll always be a reluctant bunch of pharisees
Who, in my opinion, don't always see with clarity
There's no good and bad, no wrong and right, no real disparities
All I'm sayin is I got soul you can share with me
Track Name: Mind Under Matter
So my mind knocked on my door and asked to come in
I said, "come in for a cup of tea, man, how ya been?"
My mind did not respond to this questioning
Or the friendly conversational atmosphere I tried to bring
It seemed to have a couple of questions of its own
So it got all up in its serious zone
Which if I'm not mistaken is located somewhere up its arse
That's why it stands to straight and looks so smart
It said "Listen, I got a bit of a bone to pick with you
I will have to be a little bit strict with you
Because these concepts do not seem to fit in you
And if I have to jam them into you then I plan to do
Due to your human nature, they do not seem to sit with you
Cause you are a being, and I am a doing
I have knowledge, I have logic, I know exactly what I'm doing
Where as you sit around chewing, screwing, wasting, renewing
Ignoring logical obstacles to illogical, vulnerable, dangerous endeavours
Which aren't big or clever
Which will never take you to this joke you call heaven
With your attitude I could not squeeze seven seconds of productivity from your idle hands
Where are your preparations, blueprints and plans
For every single possible little imaginable situation which may or may not present itself to you in the near or distant future
What will you do?"

Ay, it's my mind, it's my man, it's my wo-man!
It's my number one efficient survival tool
It's my number two educated beautiful fool
How's it hangin? Mm-mmm....
Well this is nice tea, this is nice weed...
I haven't really worked out if I like weed
Oh that's a nice tree, and that's a nice breeze
Lovely sunshine, that's fine...
Sorry, did you ask me a question? Shit...oh, I remember it
Well, what can I say, mind? I find your shit preposterous
Know your place, your methods are not to my taste
For finding peace and joy and love and pure divine grace
I think your talents lie in a more practical place
And work best when not all up in my face
Having had rest, feeling fresh and ready to replace
The past with the present - trust me, you do just ace
At knowing where I put my keys, how to bake a cake
Knowing how to tie a knot, how to use a rake
I like it when you help me out as and when I need
I like it when you wake me from my trivial dreams
I like it when you look in the dictionary to find out what a word means
I like it when you open tins of beans
I just don't need you on my spiritual scene
I just don't need you when I'm walkin down the street
When I'm playin funky beats, when I'm throwin away receipts
Dancin, singin, laughin, clappin, rappin, skiin, drinkin, bein
That's why you are a doing
And I am a being
Track Name: Castle Rock (performing live as Northern Poetry, 11/08/12)
I don't sleep very well at Castle Rock
I don't sleep very well at Castle Rock
Why are all these girls makin noise
Like their fingers are poised
To please themselves?
There's one part of my body that's still awake
I'm just tryin to get some sleep, for fuck's sake
How did it get so hot in here so fast?

Oh, I want someone tonight
Oh, isn't it my god-given right
To be loved, to be touched?

I don't sleep very well at Castle Rock
I don't sleep very well at Castle Rock
Why are all these girls makin sounds
Like their female friends are around
To make them feel good
Good for you, you're keepin satisfied
I just want someone to hold me before I die
I've gotta get up early in the mornin
And clean your dirty bed

Oh, I want someone tonight
Oh, why couldn't it have been you?
Track Name: Nothin (performing live as Northern Poetry, 11/08/12)
I’m just wonderin
Why I feel shit every time I do NOTHIN
It’s curious cause I don’t give a shit about NOTHIN
I don’t fear death and I don’t regret NOTHIN
I don’t really care if my career amounts to NOTHIN
Cause I don’t need money, nah, money solves NOTHIN
I don’t need success or respect or NOTHIN
Jewellery cars cash it’s all crap it’s all NOTHIN
We should let live let no-one let NOTHIN
Get In the way of owning what is ours which is NOTHIN
We should let the force do the work, we do NOTHIN
We should focus purely on bein and force NOTHIN
When we do what feels right we fuck up NOTHIN
So why do I feel wrong when I feel like doin NOTHIN
From what arose this void created by doin NOTHIN
The tiredness, the silence, the boredom with the NOTHIN
The need to be somethin cause you’re scared of bein NOTHIN
The need do somethin cause you can’t think of NOTHIN
To take your mind off this big space full of NOTHIN
I would remove these thoughts but I could be faced with NOTHIN
I’d like to take my brain and replace it with NOTHIN

Now I’d like to take a minute just a minute, that’s NOTHIN
To talk to you about the wonder we call NOTHIN
Share with you my confusion on the matter of NOTHIN
If there is no matter in a space is there just NOTHIN
If there is no will to create is there just NOTHIN
If it has no significance is it NOTHIN
If there’s no space, no spirit no NOTHIN
How can anything exist including NOTHIN
What the fuck is the point in talkin about NOTHIN
Talkin really loud when you’re really sayin NOTHIN
Shut the fuck up mate – “What?” – nothin
I just wanted to say... nothin
I don’t remember... NOTHIN
I can’t be held responsible for NOTHIN
I am happy to be representative of NOTHIN
Although I fear I might fade away into NOTHIN
Should I be standin up and sayin I won’t stop at NOTHIN
Or should I just chill out, without needin NOTHIN
In this world, I find often I feel NOTHIN
Is it cause my broth is frothin over full of NOTHIN
I don’t know cause I don’t know NOTHIN
I’m always swallowin’ bullshit and coughin up NOTHIN
I’m always droppin off the edge of this NOTHIN
And what do I have to show... NOTHIN

Track Name: It's Time (performing live as Northern Poetry, 11/08/12)
It's time to feel fine
To let go enough to just unwind

Inspire me to make a magnetic force that is higher than me
Acquirin speed
Alive with the breath of the violent sea
Quiet with the flicker of the fire in me
Sirens bleed, oh silence me
That I may be still, I may become complete
This is a call to the fates of the cosmos
But I'm not sure if it's necessary cause I got a
Feelin all the elements are goin to burn
No matter how much I kick and squirm
Eternity's emptiness is goin to return no matter
Whether or not us motherfuckin humans learn
To clean up after we've machine-fucked
Everythin that's green up, sicked up our greedy fuckin guts
Psychologically ready to blow ourselves up
Blow up the planet, I couldn't give a fuck
But I'm gonna be, honestly, honest with me
Honest with you, honest with the people on the street
Matter is just a vessel for all that will ever be
But is not necessary for this divine entity
To live and breathe, it don't need an identity
With or without you it will be as it's meant to be
But that don't mean that you are insignificant or small
Size is merely a perception projected by what you call
Your mind, can't we find another way to see it
Our thinkin's been so boxed in recently
It's time to feel fine
To let go enough to just unwind

The holy bible of internal, infernal revival
Is much more than this, much more
Than a stream of consciousness
Much more than a right and wrong and what does and doesn't belong list
I'm a fist in between the teeth of everything you've missed
I'm'a hold you both apart so you can't just kiss its lips
Pretendin it's made up of physical bliss, dismiss
The focal point of what my vocals point to
You take the fuckin piss, rip, strip, blitz away the real meanin
But I must readjust my stance cause I'm leanin
Over to the dark side, the criminal, animal
Quite unseminal hypocritcal egotistical abode
Down in the sewers, deep beneath the roads
Swimmin in the rivers into which people dump loads
Oh no, I've been overthrown
Lucifer tipped me over by the backbone
And now I'm ramblin about my new way of anglin
My camera at the culture that I'm soon to be stranglin
But look at me, I'm just an educated
Motherfuckin spastic fool with a box of plastic tools
Comin to fix ya pipes and overcharge you
Runnin from somethin, pretendin it's nothin
Then my rhymes get knocked out of whack as I'm choppin,
Fuckin it up and then hackin it with my axe, not stoppin
To see the destruction, to feel the force of life
Notice how I float this boat and keep it watertight
There's somethin frightenin about our handle on our language
And our complete lack of willingness to understand it
So when I sign out, I hope that we can find out
Why were designed and accept that we're gonna time out
Apocalyptic, this cryptic story will wind down
I'm lookin forward to leavin it all behind now
Track Name: An Ode To Joe Miles (performing live as Northern Poetry, 11/08/12)
I have this image of you with a single slim white cup
Holdin it up, ready to sup the lovingly constructed stuff of freeze-dried beans died with semi-skimmed cream of cow
Slowly stirred sugar dissolved into another dimension
Bringin to your lips with a grip that never traps but never slips, the lit cig that sits between your lips, which you so carefully constructed from this:
A plant grown from God's green earth, rolled with a rottable roach into a small cradle of paper
You're wearin one of your two identical black pairs of jeans
And that fully functional fluffy jumper that I have so frequently seen
That I know your wardrobe is so refreshingly far from obsessively large that it's blessin the hearts of the less-into-arts and more-into-farts
Humblin the stumblin, grumblin, forever fumblin, fumin humans who hunt on presumin that the worthless doomin shroud of proud attire will lift them higher
Oh you of simple desires
I never tire from admirin the lack of liar that this black attire portrays
For you will speak the truth for days
And then after preachin reach for truthful ways
Yet you judge not the stupid haze into which Cupid will cause groups to stoop for days
You merely observe
And dearest, what words of shocked blurb on the absurd herd of lost sheep that you seek to shake from their sleep do seep from your mouth as you speak
And what mannerisms of peaceful manners given to you by Jesus and Gandhi and other true believers of un-mandatory yet splendorous truth
Do open your arms and poignant palms as if to pass proof
That your words would not be let loose under the roof of a house of God
Yet so modestly nod to an un-protestant god that you could not possibly fob off or rob another Tom, Joe or Bob
With an inky log of logical, lingerin linguistic codswallop
Not a whoppin wallop
Just a gentle prod
When I am too mouthy and defend my views too loudly
I am reminded of your un-cloudily, un-proudly resoundin expressive sounds
How you would not aggressively round on a disagreein human bein or progressively put them down
Never would such a frown spread down beneath your thorny crown
Always do you smile and sprinkle your simple love upon your brothers
As your eyes do twinkle, blue
In the clear daylight on the ocean of you
So beautiful are you, and so platonic is my love
I bid you spread your wings as the whitest dove does hover above the night like the brightest diamond in the rough
Sayin, "trust. I will never bluff."
And as if that wasn't enough
You now bring forth from the lint and fluff of nothing
Spluttering and coughing
A collaborative creation so heartstoppin,
Shockingly droppin from the nurturin womb of your beautiful companion
That summer shoot of dandelion who randomly designs regime-defyin images so brimmin with the limitless decisionless scribblin of precision which render the imprisoned no longer visionless
Her wisdom sits upon my shoulders
Massagin knots and folds that smolder as I tightly hold a tension there
Now your attention stares upon this rare flesh of a new citizen of nowhere
As it grows hair and grows aware, with no cares for ghostly affairs
Mostly it dares to go MAN has ever gone before
And how you'll cherish and adore this breach of the first law of thermodynamics
As you show it the world, the planet
And can it be that when it breathes and grows to be the purely free person to see the world that we are cursed to see
That it will be, perhaps at 63
Perhaps after the last sights you see
Living in the world that you foresee.
Track Name: Mr Johnson (performing live as Northern Poetry, 11/08/12)
Mr Johnson sits in a field
And knows your pain very well
He takes your hand and helps you
Block out all the noise, all the noise
All the noise and poison
I don't care for analysis of what's wrong with me
He just feels you there
He says "you're too scared to go,
You're too scared to go
Sit by the side of the woman
Sit by the side of the woman
Who takes away all of your fear"
I'm too scared to go
I'm too scared to go
I'm too scared to go
I'm too scared to go
Where do I go?
Where do I go?
Track Name: Light Switch (performing live as Northern Poetry, 11/08/12)
It's not possible for the wave to find the ocean
No, it's not possible for the wave to find the ocean
No, it's not possible for the wave to find the ocean
For the wave is the ocean

I talk lightheartedly but my heart is not always light
I walk by without a fight but it doesn't always feel right
It's strange to me, the need to see light in order to believe in it
Cause physical vision is just the mind's way of perceivin it
If it's not weavin into your retina, don't mean you're not receivin it
If it doesn't mentally manifest, you're just not retrievin it
Funny how in dreams, light switches do not work
And neither does your ability to read the clockwork
Time appears real in the cage of your waking life
But cannot be measured when you go to sleep at night
And light switches do not switch on the light in the room
Do not dispel all your inner sin and gloom
I used to have this recurrin dream about a room
Where the light switch did not switch on the light in the room
Maybe the darkness was the doom, and the light was the saviour
And the light switch was my outwardly controlling behaviour
Which changes nothing within, but seeks to change without
Yet change without cannot come without change within
This explains the dim reactions from a god you see as bein above
Like the light bulb, it is the love
That you seek to receive from the outside world
But all light, all love, from the inside must unfurl

No, it's not possible for the wave to find the ocean
A wave cannot delay the tide of perpetual motion
The moon draws it back and forth with such monastic devotion
That the energy of the sea is catalystic potion
Feeding the spirits of those journeying into themselves
They can hear the sea in the shells
Even if they're miles away from the sea in the hell
Of the jaws of mass productivity that compels them
To destroy their creativity and just weld
One building on top of another, you can smell
The cement as it seals all air from the premises
The unknown outside the walls becomes the nemesis
Yet on the inside, everything perishes
This is meritless
Being trapped on the inside or the outside of the shell
Prevents you from enjoying one and the other as well
So please, when you hear the sound of the sea
Remember that the highest up and deepest down is me
Is you, is she, is he, is what we ultimately be
And that's why the wave is free