The Power of Now EP

by Rebel Without A Coat

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Originally "released" under one of Rebel Without a Coat's previous artist names, Northern Poetry, and sold from her rucksack at open mic nights, as CD-Rs each with a unique disc design hand-drawn in markers, The Power of Now EP is finally available for download on Bandcamp! Rebel is now making CD-Rs under her new name, this time with more marker colours, available from her person for a humble donation. Exciting times.


released June 1, 2012

Rebel Without a Coat is Emily Ward.
Rebel Without a Coat does vocals, backing vocals, electronic sequencing, keyboards and guitar.
All music and lyrics by Rebel Without a Coat except for the intro to the The Power of Now which contains words of wisdom from the inspirational Eckhart Tolle, whose book the Power of Now is highly recommended in most conversations with Rebel Without a Coat.
Special thanks go to Eckhart Tolle and Rebel Without a Coat's family.
Peace and love.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Rebel Without A Coat Manchester, UK

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Track Name: New Beginnings
New beginnings, motherfucker
Listen, winning is for suckers
I take the forcefield that shook us
Out of the hands of the hookers
There is no middleman, this is not Hostelbookers
I am the butcher, the abbertoire and the plucker
It's fractured, this structure, it's blackened, charred and broken
The prophets, the buddhas, sages and stars have spoken
Show love, show love
And love will show itself to you
Show love, show love
And love will show itself to you
I know it doesn't always make sense
But isn't that the beauty, my friend?
Sometimes I find it hard to believe my own words
Even though the same words are sung by the birds
Imprinted in the dirt by the wilderbeest herds
I guess I keep forgetting, it needs to reoccur
Speak to me, confer with the meek that meet the Earth
Who repeat the sleep and birth 'til it don't need to be rehearsed
The way it reads will be reversed, for we will be the reflection
Take down the cross and we will be the resurrection
We've been letting Satan think for us with our egos
All the things we think we know are just the things that he knows
Deep within, the truth, like the river to the sea, flows
It's not knowledge, just the light that we glow
Show love, show love
And love will show itself to you
Show love, show love
And love will show itself to you
I know it doesn't always make sense
But isn't that the beauty, my friend?
Yeah, I've been chatting on with myself all this time
And I still don't know what the fuck I'm talking about
It's like the answers are already here
But we just need to interpret them
We need to get beyond the words
Back to the silent truth within.
Track Name: The Power Of Now
He said to me
"This is not philosophy, it's just a simple fact
Don't mean to cause controversy, let's take history back
But it don't exist, how's that for a slap in the face?
So let's get back on track
Man, you're only human, you don't know what you're doin
You're dominated by your mind and it is simply screwin
Fuckin with your head, it's the only reason you ever bled
With any bloodshed that shouldn'ta gone ahead
I'm way ahead of your spiritual evolution
But please don't take this statement to be an ego protrusion
Like the dick of a man who thinks he got a plan
But he's just abusin people because he can
I merely said these words to illustrate
I got somethin much more meaningful than the money we make
Or the drugs we take, or the love we fake
Or the labels we spray across our chests that say
Who we think we are or who we'd wish to be
What you think makes you different from me
The lines we draw around our skin that separate our souls
Our bodies from our whereabouts and everything we hold
I'm tellin you now, there's somethin much much deeper
Much less tirin and much much cheaper
It's called the present moment, it's simple to understand
But only with yourself, not with your mind, man
Just sit back, breathe in, stop thinkin
Take everythin in like a fish drinkin
It's whole world, be very alert and aware
You'll soon find what's not there and what's there..."

I said
"I tried what you said in your book that I read
And I suppose it made the world look a little less dead
But more, in the process of makin me notice
My lack of focus, I'm undevoted and hopeless
But hope is just a thread on which we hang
Tetherin us to weatherin rocks that will only expand and
Contract, peel, age crumble and crack
And we'll fall back into the deep black
With ties still bindin our strugglin feet
We imprison ourselves in decisions and broken visions
Of love that tastes sweet, but so undigestable
I believe it's conditional on it's double-directional flow of
Affection, section me for this erection
Whether I'm a man or a woman, that's not the question
It's the source of your love which is questionable
Did it come from your heart or from your testicles?
I'm a human bein, not a heterosexual spectacle
Best to pull people with the gravity from within
Through your eyes, not through your skin
And strictly for unselfish compassionate reasons
Not fueled by the need to kill emotions
To soothe your wounded ego or to seek devotion and security
Unreliable fearful impurity
Clingin to the world like a leech feedin
On the blood of sacrifice that the sea's bleedin
Relationships not based on givin but on wantin and needin
I understand these things because my mind interpreted
But this is just exactly the same problem resurfacin
You see, I can't possibly understand what you say if I
Perceive it in a mental way
Without feelin what you felt, I can never be helped
Even by readin what you wrote, I cannot help myself
So I give it up to the flow
Ingest this information but make no effort to know
What happens will happen when I'm feelin low
And I feel a lot lighter since I let myself go."
Track Name: Lands of Lovers
Friends, brothers, insignificant others
Repressed over-tested messes and stifled lovers
Depressed, didn't get the blessin, tossed the rest
Down the plug as you chug as much wine as you possibly could
Down the fine line between your trachea and your heartbeat-battered ribcage
Mid-page you stop to read back
This is when you freeze, and you bleed, but you see black
Blood, oozin from where we would
Normally have a gauze placed formally over the enormity of this wound by a PHD-posessin personnel member
Loomin out of white light and hard to remember
A very distant cousin
From a huge unmanageable incestuous family of misled red-painted dazed bleetin sheep
A seed that you sowed but you did not reap
And now you weep for all you did not keep?
Deep into each night that you did not sleep?
Rid not me of my freedom
Give not me thy disease and all your reasons to refuse the movin on of each season
I teach treason to your spiritually stunted offspring
For the real leaders of believers are not kings
They sit barefoot in the bog beneath the rain and watch their flocks sing
I could barely lift my gifted fingers to my wasteful wallet with all the time that your watch brings
Get lost
The frost
So thin
That coats the immeasurable cost of your sin
With each agitated car horn honk I know an angel's lost its wings
And we've been washed away on a tide of big city life
Terraced houses, high-rise flats
Terrorist suspects and high-flyin twats
Fences, railings, stop signs, locks
Police, thieves, PVC windows
Parking attendants, prostitutes, Primark, yuppies,
Domestic violence, neglected puppies,
Greggs, Friday night puke on the stiletto-scuffed pavement
Self-absorbed miss-the-mark criss-crossin wavelengths
Oh my god, I don't know where the day went
Friends, brothers, significant others
Strand yourselves in lands of lovers
Not wives, not girls that get off with guys
But souls seen through translucent eyes caught in the light
Limbs entangled in the falling of night
Tastin the salt of tears on each other's lips
Healin hands on fruit-bearin hips
Foreheads leanin against each other
I'm sure it's there
I'm sworn to set sail
My small boat will be pushed forward by the gale
Come rain, come hail, I'm not afraid to fail
I'm not afraid to sink
Cause whichever way I get there
I'll be greeted by a rainbow, and washed in sun
No-one will know my name though
All they will know is my energy
As we heal by herbal remedies
No longer needin to hear the screech of hurtful threnodies
The Earth will be given all
In a world that nurtures no enemies

(Frozen in our sin
As we are thrown by winter winds
All we need is a place
To thaw our limbs)